CHICCOLO (Chichi x Piccolo)


"Runaway Royals" Piccolo and Chichi…

I think you can figure out what - who? - went down here ;)

For namekromantic


"Runaway Royals" Piccolo and Chichi…

I think you can figure out what - who? - went down here ;)

For namekromantic


ships in which someone speaks English as a second language (◡‿◡✿)

ships where that someone slips into foreign swearing when upset (◕‿◕✿)

ships where that someone moans out foreign endearments when they’re with their lovers (ʘ‿ʘ✿)


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Anonymous asked: Chichi not telling Ox she's in a new relationship and he stops by and walks in on Piccolo and Chichi doing the do.



for real tho it’d be like:

For a man made of nine foot of muscle - and a tiny bit of blubber - Ox was surprisingly stealthy as he slipped the front door open; using a key Chichi hid underneath the third plant pot to the right of the cobbled path. It was always the third - Chichi was particular about these things. Perhaps she put it there so if Goku ever came back he wouldn’t have to resort to bashing the door down, as he had done, many times in the past.

Ox sighed at the thought of his ex son-in-law. Goku was a very nice lad, honourable, a fearless warrior with a heart of gold - but when it came to the realm of relationships, the boy was simply dim. Many a night had Ox travelled across the mountains just to comfort his little girl, after her husband had left on another of his adventures. Underneath all her brass and brittle armour, Chichi was softer than anyone Ox knew. It made him want to chase after Goku and pound some sense into him, but that wouldn’t help matters, he had always known that…

But of recent - the past few months - Chichi had perked up quite a bit! Ox smiled broadly as he tiptoed past the living room, glancing around. She seemed to have much more energy, wore a bright smile and had began taking of her appearance once again. Although it certainly never mattered if she had done the latter or not, it was a sign she herself was feeling better. And that was good! That was very good!

Perhaps she had finally moved on from Goku. The father couldn’t help but feel a spike of hope shoot throughout him at the thought. Chichi was just - she wanted different things from life, things that Goku couldn’t provide. Maybe she would start dating soon - perhaps she already was! A proud smile curved Ox’s mouth.

He frowned at the seeming silence of the house. Perhaps she was out - no matter, he would just leave the presents here. She always liked surprises. Ox turned to walk back to the living room, before a soft sigh caught his ears.

He blinked, and turned back around. Nothing. Perhaps he was just hearing things - it must’ve been his - oh, no. There it was again. Although the voice was distinctly…. lower.

He began walking towards the kitchen. Yes, he could definitely hear something now. A murmur, a giggle. One male voice, and his Chichi. Ah - should he leave? Ox would’ve hated to have disturbed his daughter’s privacy. He turned to leave again, before a low laugh caught his attention, and recognition seeped into his brain.

Oh! It was only Piccolo. Perhaps he and Chichi were /finally/ getting on for a change! Well, that was certainly a cause for celebration! Grinning widely, the ever-unwitting man strode towards the kitchen, bellowing cheerily as he turned into the kitchen’s entrance. “Hello darling! I just thought I’d drop by! How are you and the kids getting on-”

Chichi was sitting down in a chair, back facing her father; eyes wide and face flushed redder than he had ever seen it. Her typical dress was rucked up around her thighs, preserving her modesty. Ox stayed still in the hallway, still smiling, as his eyes dropped to the former demon on his knees.

On his knees. In front of his daughter.

There was something caught between Piccolo’s teeth, and it took a few moments for the final few bricks of logic to fall into place. Ah. /Ah/.

What Piccolo had in his mouth was nothing more than a tiny piece of underwear.

And it was still caught around Chichi’s calves.

Piccolo had his daughter’s underwear. In his mouth. He was tugging his daughter’s…

Ox nodded slowly, a smile still plastered on his face as he raised the pretty packages in his hand. “I’ll just put these right down here shall I?”

Neither Chichi or the panty-thieving Piccolo had time to respond, or imagine up an excuse, as Ox swooned; falling through the wall to the next room.


princess chi

first one is when she’s about 8? and she’s still a big daddy’s girl and all was well in the world

the second (with her hair down) is when she’s 13 and slowly losing her confidence in everyone else around her because they’re taking away the things she loves like magic and playing in the forests because she’s a lady and ladies don’t act that way

Your art is precious

Headcanon #87945632169

Sometimes Chichi puts on her wedding dress and Piccolo puts on his tux and they pretend it’s their wedding night all over again and go at it like teenagers.

Anonymous asked: Chichi let herself relax as well with a small sigh, and as her shoulders dropped, Piccolo's head slid down to her chest. He mumbled something incoherent and sighed as well. Chichi just smiled and closed her eyes, hand still rubbing lazily, until she fell asleep. the end :)