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Chiccolo obv for the ship thing
  • Makes the Bed: Chichi - Piccolo did it for a while until he realized that she just unmade it and remade it because he “doesn’t do it right.”
  • Has sole possession of the TV Remote: Chichi! Piccolo puts on nature shows and the History Channel for hours on end so Chichi doesn’t let him have control of the channels very often.
  • Stays up until 2AM Reading: Piccolo is more likely to do this, as he needs less sleep and Chichi typically passes out quickly.
  • Is the Bigger Cuddler: Depends on the location. In private, Piccolo. Otherwise, Chichi.
  • Does the Laundry: SURPRISE! Piccolo does the laundry! He finds it oddly calming, probably because it’s logical and methodical.
  • Mows the Lawn: Piccolo
  • Better at Budgeting: Chichi, as Piccolo has very little concept of money
  • Instigates the Sex/Who is Kinkier: This is pretty even, in both regards! Piccolo would be the kinkier of the two. 


Imagine your OTP as bored students at a prestigious boarding school.


if ur gonna send a message literally to try and change our minds about the ship then pls leave. ur not achieving anything worthwhile. that momentary rush of satisfaction u receive after sending us an ask is just that - fleeting, ephemeral. look at urself in the mirror. do u feel better after sending that ask? does it fill up a void deep inside ur soul? wouldn’t it be better to open a window, to do something positive with ur relatively short existance in this universe than to try and bother someone else about their choice in creative outlet?

get things into perspective.

we literally Do Not Care if you don’t like chiccolo. a lot of people don’t. it’s nbd. but don’t come to us and expect us to pander to your toddler mentality just because we aren’t promoting or posting content that YOU don’t like. if you don’t like the chiccolo, don’t come here. look at the blog url. get a clue.